100 Word Challenge #19

Alice walked along the burnt, dead forest floor.The last light was in her hand, as the flame flickered and went out a light, dirty wind filled the forest with a spooky, scary, howl.


Trees that use to be standing firm and tall are now black, dead and are lying on the ground in pieces. The sky doesn’t look like a sky, it’s smokey, grey and has no sign of life anywhere.  
Everything is gone. The treehouse that Sophie and Alice made is gone, so is Sophie, she didn’t make it, no one did except Alice. She’s the last one.

My Review Of My Blog

1. What were your first impressions on your blog?  

At first I thought it was really complicated, but when I got help it got a lot easier.

2. What captured your attention?

I think the themes and designs were really interesting and colourful  so that captured my attention.

3. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? (Please comment below!)